What You Need to Know About Truck Accidents in Queens, NY

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“Trucking” may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Queens, but the fact is semis pass through the area every day. In addition, there are thousands of big box delivery trucks on the road, all of which are far larger than the average passenger vehicle.

Yet the greatest risk is not to passenger vehicles. The greatest risk is to pedestrians and cyclists, which are involved in collisions here in Queens every single year. 67% of those accidents result in either death, or serious injury. 

Truck injury cases are not like other cases. They require true expertise in truck accident law.

Beyond Collisions

Pursuing a truck accident case goes beyond examining the facts of the specific collisions. It’s also a matter of determining whether the trucker was in violation of the law at the time of the accident. 

For example, New York City has specific truck routes. We look to see if the truck was on a legal route. There are specific weight and size limits that trucking companies must observe when doing business in New York City. We look to see if the appropriate crossover mirrors have been installed.

In addition, we investigate to see if the trucker was following federal law. There are laws governing how often a trucker may drive and when they may do so. They have mandated rest periods. But trucking companies often force their drivers to ignore these in order to  maximize their profits. 

There are also industry standards for how often trucks should be maintained, as well as standards for how truckers should be hired and trained. Violating these standards increases a trucking company’s liability. 

As your personal injury attorneys, it will be up to us to find every scrap of evidence that the trucking company is mostly responsible for your injury. That is because the trucking company will do everything in its power to hold you responsible instead, even if you were a pedestrian or cyclist.  

Other Complications

Trucking companies and their insurance companies do not want to pay you for the accidents they cause. That’s why they’ll try very hard to claim that their driver was really an independent contractor. It will then be revealed that of course the driver does not have their own commercial insurance policy and thus there will be no valid party to sue.

Fortunately, New York has firm laws about the misclassification of employees and it is usually possible to undermine this argument.

Nevertheless, this is just one of the many tricks that trucking companies like to play when they’re trying to avoid liability. An experienced truck accident attorney knows them all, and is prepared to combat them.

Get Help Today

You won’t be able to resolve your truck accident wrongful death or personal injury case on your own. You’ll be up against a big corporation who has every reason to push back on the case.

Call our office quickly to get the help you deserve. We fight these cases every single day and help our clients to maximize their compensation.

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