What to Do If You’re Injured in a Queens, NYC Subway Accident

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Subway accidents aren’t common, but they do happen. Every year, we see injuries and wrongful deaths. 

While the insurance industry and the MTA would like you to believe that every injury is the result of an attempted suicide, the facts say otherwise. 

Common accidents include slip and fall accidents, as well as security incidents wherein MTA failed to provide adequate protection. For example, it’s possible to slip and fall onto the tracks only to end up in a collision with a speeding train. Gaps in doors or slick platforms can cause additional hazards, and can lead to passengers getting stuck between train doors as they close. Cars have been derailed in the past thanks to broken rails. It’s not uncommon to see accidents and injuries caused by serious maintenance failure. Poor lighting can cause serious issues as well. Finally, we’ve seen quite a few cases of electrical shocks. 

Obviously there are times where the injured party is at fault. Walking on the tracks to get to a train faster or using them to evade the police is never a good idea. But if your injuries were the result of the transit authority’s negligence, Grauman Law can help. 

You’ll have to move fast. You’ll need to make a claim against New York City, and the city has a strict 90 day deadline that you must meet. You’ll also have to meet a strict thirty (30) day deadline during which you must submit a “notice of claim.”  You will have to prove that MTA was negligent and that the situation was not in some way unavoidable or common to using the subway system. 

Your first steps will be to file a police report and to request medical attention. If you’re awake and enough to do so, it helps to gather witness information and take photographs as well. Be very careful about what you say: you want to avoid any appearance that you might be accepting fault or blame for the accident. This can be used against you later, either to bar you from getting any settlement at all or to vastly reduce the amount of the settlement you can receive. 

Some people injured in subway accidents are too injured to gather this data; if this was true for you then you’ll need to move even faster. It will be up to our team to gather what information we can about your case. The same is true for a wrongful death case: we can gather information that your loved one could not. 

Don’t wait. Contact Grauman Law for a review of your subway injury case today.

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