Injury Attorneys To Hold Property Owners Accountable

Business owners and homeowners alike all have moral and legal responsibilities to ensure that their properties are safe for guests. When property owners fail to meet this obligation, it can jeopardize someone’s health and cause catastrophic injuries. Victims of these accidents need to act properly to ensure that they get the compensation they deserve for their injuries.

Our New York attorneys at Grauman Law P.C. have built their careers on helping their clients maximize compensation following personal injuries. We understand the urgency you feel to get the funds you need to cover your injury’s cost, and we use our extensive experience to provide you with the litigation and negotiation skills on which you can depend.

Did You Suffer From Premises Negligence?

It is the property owner’s responsibility to maintain their property so that it is safe for everyone. When they do not do so, it can result in any number of injuries. These are only a few common examples of cases for a liability claims:

  • Irresponsible security: If a business’s security fails to protect you, the company may be liable for the consequences.
  • Electrical hazard: Open or loose wiring and faulty light switches can cause an unsuspecting guest to experience electrical burns or other damages.
  • Unsafe sidewalks: Winter brings ice, which can turn a sidewalk into a prime area to break a hip or tailbone.
  • Stairway dangers: Uneven steps and loose handrails can cause someone to fall on a stairway and sustain broken bones or a concussion.
  • Slip-and-falls: Puddles on the floor, loose carpeting and other trip hazards can leave a shopper with a lifetime of nerve pain or a limp.

No matter what kind of injury happened to you, we know how to identify your injury’s current and future costs and fight to earn a fair compensation that most accurately reflects it.

Choose Our Compassion And Commitment

The attorney you choose to represent you should be as invested in your best interests as you are. The attorneys at our office will guide you through your personal injury claim from the beginning to the very end.

No matter where you are in your injury claim, now is the best time to reach out to an attorney. You can schedule your initial consultation by calling us at 718-618-9608 or emailing us here today.