How to Maximize Your Queens, NY Personal Injury Settlement

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There’s nothing greedy about trying to maximize your personal injury settlement. 

First, you’ve been hurt as a result of someone else’s negligence. It is right and proper for you to seek compensation for that harm.

Second, there is a good chance you’re really going to need those resources to keep you out of bankruptcy. You may even need them to meet basic needs after an injury robs you of your ability to work.

So, it is absolutely vital to understand the steps you can take to make your personal injury settlement more valuable. 

Here’s what you need to know. 

Get the Medical Care You Need

Some people try to “tough it out.” Some people are too afraid they won’t be able to pay their bills to go get the medical care they need and deserve. Some people get the care, but then don’t follow their doctor’s orders.

We recommend going to every specialist that you’re referred to regardless of the bills it may generate. We recommend taking off every single day your doctor tells you to take off. These losses can and should be compensated in your personal injury case later.

Obviously, we don’t recommend getting a bunch of care you don’t need. But if you’re still in pain, notice your condition worsening, or are struggling, then reach out to your medical provider, and do so without fear. 

Document Everything

One of the ways we maximize your overall settlement is by maximizing your pain and suffering award.

To do this, we have to demonstrate all the ways that your injuries have changed or impaired your life. That’s why we recommend keeping a daily journal.

You can record whether you’re having a bad pain day, whether you had to pass up on an event or opportunity as a result of your injuries, whether the injuries seemed to worsen or improve, and more.

We can use all of that information in your favor. 

Avoid Social Media

In general, it is best to avoid speaking with anyone at all about your case, unless you are speaking to your lawyer, your doctor, or your therapist. Speaking to your spouse is also, in general, safe enough.

When dealing with anyone else it is best to say, “My attorney is working on it,” and leave it at that.

Social media is especially dangerous. Anything you say there is visible to third parties. Those records can be subpoenaed and used against you. You might be surprised just how easy it is to use innocuous information to reduce the value of a victim’s case.

There’s time enough for Facebook when you’ve recovered a full, fair settlement. 

Deal With Insurance Companies Through a Lawyer

If you had to go to the ER after your accident, then your case is probably complex enough to require a lawyer’s intervention. There’s no point in waiting, second-guessing yourself, or attempting to handle the other side on your own, first.

The other side has adjusters who are trained in the art of asking leading questions that they can use against you. They want to pressure you into giving recorded statements and are perfectly capable of lying to you to get them. They want you to take the first lowball offer that comes along. They want you to release medical records they have no business seeing so they can use those records to deny your claim.

You get a lot of peace of mind, and protect the full value of your settlement, when you say “No, thank you,” and demand that they communicate with you via your lawyer, instead. 

Do you have a lawyer yet? If you don’t, contact us for a risk-free case evaluation. We’ll help you determine if you have a strong case, tell you what we can do to help, will answer any questions you might have, and will go over next steps. Call now to get started.

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