How Airbag Deployment Impacts Your Queens, NY Car Accident Case

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Airbags usually cause some minor injuries when they deploy properly. That’s the trade-off: you sustain some minor injuries to avoid far, far worse injuries later.

But what happens when the airbag is defective? When it doesn’t inflate properly, or when it doesn’t deploy at all? Airbags can fail to deploy when the crash impact came from the wrong direction to deploy them, or when the crash sensor fails to detect a crash, or when the sensor fails to detect that someone is sitting in the seat they’re supposed to protect.

In these cases, the at-fault driver might not be the only party that’s responsible for your accident.

Who Is Responsible for Airbag Injuries?

A failure to deploy or some other malfunction generally means that you’ll sustain much more serious injuries during your car accident. This may mean that we can hold the airbag manufacturer or the car manufacturer accountable for your injuries.

There are real advantages to suing multiple parties, as each will be responsible for a portion of your total losses and you’re more likely to be compensated. In addition, when you hold airbag manufacturers liable you may often do so under a “breach of warranty” claim. This means they promised one thing and delivered another, causing you to sustain damages as a result.

This can mean that you’ll be covered under the much higher insurance policy limits of the manufacturer, not just the limits of the at-fault driver’s car accident policy, which means you effectively put more money in your pocket. 

Why You Need An Expert Personal Injury Attorney for Airbag Claims

There is nothing straightforward about any personal injury claim.

Yet any time a major corporation is one of the liable parties you can generally expect them to put up a fight.

You might see these companies try to defend themselves by claiming your airbag injuries were really just exacerbated pre-existing conditions. Or that your injuries aren’t as bad as you’re claiming. 

The defense may claim that the driver or injured party wasn’t positioned properly, or that there was some other problem that made the failure to deploy or other malfunction anyone’s fault but theirs. 

An experienced personal injury attorney knows exactly how to prove your claims so you can recover maximum compensation.

How to Prevent Airbag Injuries

Ultimately we want people to stay safe as possible. In truth, there are some things drivers can do to prevent airbag injuries.

  • Sit in the center of your seat.
  • Sit upright, with your back against the seat back.
  • Your feet should be on the floor.
  • Avoid aftermarket dash or seat covers.
  • Sit with your chest at least 10 inches away from the steering wheel.
  • Children under 12 should always be in back seats.

Note that if you do get into a crash and have airbag-related accident our law office can help you recover compensation even if your seat wasn’t positioned quite right!

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