2022 Airbag Recalls

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Kia, Ford, Acura, BMW, and Mazda all have airbag recalls out right now, as do any vehicles supplied by Takata, a major supplier of airbags. Takata supplies more than 20 car manufacturers in the United States.

 In many cases, these airbags use ammonium-nitrate propellant that does not include a chemical drying agent.

This means that both environmental moisture and high temperatures can improperly inflate the airbags and even send shrapnel into the occupants when they deploy, causing far greater injuries than would already be present. To date, this problem has caused 27 deaths and over 400 injuries worldwide. 

If your vehicle is impacted by the recall you can get the air bags replaced for free. To check if your vehicle is on the list, go to this site and enter your VIN number.

There are other recalls this year as well. For example, GM has issued a recall for the 2020 to 2022 model year of the Chevy Traverse and Buick Enclave for roof rail airbags, or side curtain airbags, which are not deploying in crashes due to incompatible electrical terminals. 

Keep in mind that if you do not get on top of this or any other recall you could face a problem if you wind up involved in a personal injury suit. That is because New York is a comparative negligence state. You leave the door open for your personal injury award to be reduced, because you will bear some partial negligence for failing to take advantage of a free replacement.

This means a judge, jury, or your attorneys in settlement could decide on a percentage of fault that you’ll bear, and your award will be reduced by the same amount. This could also limit your ability to recover compensation from Takata or automobile manufacturers for making your injuries worse. We urge all New York drivers to check their vehicles and to take advantage of the free replacement as quickly as possible.

Airbags already cause injuries when they deploy. They just tend to cause fewer injuries then getting into an accident without one. 

When there are new recalls you should receive a letter in the mail telling you the recall number, the NHTSA campaign number, and giving you options for getting your vehicle serviced for free. We recommend scheduling your service appointment and taking care of any recall immediately as the presence of a recall and whether you were contacted and had ample time to respond to it will definitely come up in any Queens car accident case.

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